JUHALL Bluetooth V4.2 Earphones Wireless Sports Headset review

JUHALL Bluetooth V4.2 Earphones Wireless Sports HeadsetJUHALL Bluetooth V4.2 Earphones Wireless Sports Headset has great sound and gets louder when you use the provided earplugs. The sound is fantastic and it’s incredibly bizarre to be able to hear the noise around you at the same time. You can listen to music while maintaining situational awareness. Furthermore, they are comfortable but snug enough to never worry that you might lose them, even on the bumpier rides.

It is ideal for cyclists who enjoy music but requires their ears still. At high volume it can vibrate to harshly and it’s audible for people around you. It is so special and different from other headphones. It has an excellent sound quality and comfortable fit. Perfect for running because they do not completely isolate background noise.

The super heavy bass sound will make you enjoy the music.The new version of wearing experience ensures your ears comfortable.It has newest Bluetooth technology and long hours standby. The base is strong and the sound is accurate, well worth the money. The connection is easy and he did not even use manual, it is as simple as ready set go.

They are very comfortable and don’t get annoying like earbuds do after wearing them for long periods. These work especially great at work where you can’t wear headphones or earbuds due to safety concerns.

Overall, these are interesting as they are bone conductive. Frees your ears to improve situational awareness. These are comfortable and works really well. Pairing is easy and stays connected. Reconnects when switched on.

What’s in the box?
1 X Bone conduction headphone
1 X USB Charging Cable
1 X tension band 1 X Manual

Bluetooth version:V4.2
Charging duration: 2hrs
Music play duration: Up to 6hrs
Standby duration: Up to 10days
Bluetooth connection range: 30 ft
Speaker type: Bone conduction
Bluetooth protocol:
V1.3, HFP V1.7
HSP V1.2
Speaker sensitivity: 100± 3db
Microphone sensitivity: -40±3db
Weight: 39g

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  • Bone conduction technology :works by creating mini vibrations, sending sound through the cheekbones directly to the inner ears. The aim to help people with Recession Type Hearing Impairment to listen music also helps to avoid hearing loss from ordinary earphones.
  • Super HD Sound: With this new smart open ear bone conduction headphones you can enjoy heavy bass and crystal clear treble while listening to your favorite music.
  • Built-in Bluetooth: Upgraded wireless Bluetooth V4.2 with wide connection up to 30 ft, more faster, secure and stable connectivity. It can connect 2 devices simultaneously and compatible with almost all Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Best equipment for sports: This sports headset is sweatproof, dust-proof and ears-free. Perfect for outdoor activity lovers to ensure their health and safety.
  • Open-ear wearing : Open-ear bone conduction headphones are made to ensure that the user does not plug or cover their ears. To avoiding wearing discomfort that in-ear or over-ear headsets will bring.

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JUHALL Bluetooth V4.2 Earphones Wireless Sports Headset JUHALL Bluetooth V4.2 Earphones Wireless Sports Headset

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