Bluedio F2 (Faith) Active Noise Cancelling Over-ear, White Review

Bluedio F2 (Faith) Active Noise Cancelling Over-ear, WhiteBluedio F2 (Faith) Active Noise Cancelling Over-ear, White are utterly superb. Everything from presentation, to functionality, to sound clarity is perfect in every detail. They are well made. The headband is extremely comfortable, as well as the earcups. Everything except the side of the earcup is of metal construction, which is good to see.

They fold flat, which means the case is overall nice and slim. They’re very simple to use. Also, they’ve got a great battery life, and connect through Bluetooth very quickly. The buttons are ergonomically placed. The sound quality is very good, it can get very loud while maintaining clarity. The high and mid tones are clear and natural, while the bass is smooth rather than heavy.

The call quality on these is excellent. There is an active noise canceling switch to help reduce distracting background noise. The construction of the headphones is very good. The headband along with the earpads are leather with memory foam. The frame is made out of alloy which is polished with bolt fittings and the housings for the drivers are made out of a high-quality plastic.

Overall, This one is an amazing set of headphones with regards to the aesthetics and audio quality. The build quality of the headphones is also excellent. You’ll find them a lot easier to pack into your bag. If you like a heavy bass sound then these are the phones for you. There is nothing as good as these on the market.

What’s in the box?
Faith 2 headphone
3.5mm turn TYPE-C audio cable
USB TYPE-C charging cable
Carrying case with buckle
Drawstring carry bag
User manual

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  • 1. Bluedio Vector Flow Technology. The vent hole on the headphone back cavity can exhaust gas which affects sound quality, so that the front and back cavity air pressure balance and the headphone can output deep and powerful bass, and then brings user more shocking experience.
  • 2. ANC technology. Faith2 adopts the Active Noise Cancelling technology, which continuously measures, compares and reacts to outside noise-then cancels them with the opposite signal, to bring you crystal-clear sound.
  • 3. Oval over-ear design. In quest for a comfortable wearing experience, Faith2 adopts oval over-ear earmuffs which close to the shape of human ear. With well thought-out like this, Faith2 bring listeners natural and comfortable wearing, and strengthen the sound field to prevent leaking voice.
  • 4. New design, new colors. Faith2 is designed for fashion-business. With the simple and elegant look, it’s really suitable for music lovers who struggle in city.
  • 5. TYPE-C three in one interface. Faith2 adopts TYPE-C three in one interface which supports charging and data transmitting. It can be plugged in both sides, so it’s easy to use even close your eyes.

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Bluedio F2 (Faith) Active Noise Cancelling Over-ear, White Bluedio F2 (Faith) Active Noise Cancelling Over-ear, White

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