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The Energy Pioneer Process What it means to be an Energy Pioneer

1. Historical Energy Analysis


We work with your utility company to analyze your historical energy usage, and pinpoint areas of potential energy savings in your home that will reduce your monthly utility bill immediately. 


2. Home Performance Asssessment


A highly trained professional visits your home to conduct a top-to-bottom, Free, No-Commitment Home Performance Assessment. After an hour, you receive a customized HomeEnergy Report with upgrade recommendations. 


3. Home Energy Upgrade


We send a crew of trained professionals out to your home to implement the cost-savings upgrade and maximize the energy efficiency of your home. 

The Energy Pioneer Process

Live Comfortably And Save Money

At Energy Pioneer, we know that your home is sacred, and that is precisely why we started with your family’s home.


Our goal has always been to provide to homeowners the same data-driven, state-of-the-art energy diagnostics that has up to now only been available to large businesses and commercial properties. And, with our 35 years of experience in residential energy efficiency and construction management, together with our unique utility-focused energy savings model, we have succeeded in making it easy and affordable for you to live more comfortably and save money by saving energy in your home.


All we need is your permission to start the process and we put our system to work, at no cost to you up front. From the diagnosis through the work being done, we provide all the expertise, labor, materials, and money necessary to enable you to start living better and more comfortably, while saving money by saving energy. And, with our first-of-its-kind, fully integrated system, all you do is simply repay those costs from your savings over time as a line item on your regular, monthly utility bill for a fixed period of time.


Again, our powerful diagnostic tools, our highly trained crews, and our money all for the purpose of making sure you are more comfortable and use less energy…your commitment is simply to live better and keep paying your now-lower utility bill. When you think about it,you can’t afford not to call us.

Live Comfortably

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Energy Saving Tips

  • Replace your five most-used light fixtures and/or bulbs with ENERGY STAR® products. If every American did so, we would save about $8 billion per year in energy costs.
  • A full deep-freeze uses less energy than an empty one. For maximum savings, consider filling your freezer with gallon containers of water.
  • Leave window shades or blinds open during the daytime. And consider using solar heat to supplement your normal heating source.
  • Carpeting or rugs add to comfort and heat retention, especially if there is little or no floor insulation.
  • Find out how much energy your electronics use, reduce their output when you're not using them, and choose efficient electronics to save money.